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Peter Fourbears

Hi! I am Peter Fourbears. I live in the north of Swedish Lapland. I consider my home a small town known as Lainio. I live in a place named Jankanlusta where I live together with my four-legged companion Love. I am a teacher for handicrafts and working with wood at school in Kiruna. I have also taken care of the elderly and currently also work in tourism. I am a professional drum maker, that I mostly am able to do in my time off. I enjoy making sami handicrafts from pewter bracelets, to coffee bags and rattles. I let my imagination and creativity lead the way when I work. Together with my spirit guides we create the drums and rattles. I also organise fairs in the local area and serve as a mentor on the shamanic path. It is my life's mission to help those in need in any way I can and to always serve Mattahrakkha in the best way I know how. I receive visitors from all over the world. I have been published in various magazines, tv documentaries and hope to continue to spread the voice of the drum and the sami traditions. You are very welcome to get in touch with me if you want to order a drum or rattle. or perhaps want to come for a visit to learn about the sami traditions? For groups of people and agencies interested in working together with me to offer week trips of shamanic workshops please get in touch via email.

I work together with many different agencies, and private individuals. 

If interested in going on a dogsledding trip; my friends at Husky Tours Lapland will be glad to take you. 

Other partners I work with: