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Sami Drums

Since 1998 I have been working with drums. I make the frames from scratch using raw materials from nature; birch, pine, or aspen. The hide is from reindeer skin for most of the drums I make. I can also make the drums with goats hide.  

It is a special process to work with the drum. Each drum is made to order for a specific individual. This makes the energy of the drum attuned to the person. 

Most of my sami drums have sami gods and goddesses depicted on it. But it is possible to order drums to your liking with your specific designs as well. 

The traditional setup of the drums is usually showing the different worlds. The upper world, the earth and the lower world. But this is a very traditional way. 

I make the drums in accordance with the desires of my clients. When people order a drum from me, we discuss the options, I make a sketch and from here the drums are born. So if you have a specific wish or idea, please don’t hesitate to discuss the options with me. 

If you would like to order a drum please get in touch with me via email or you can send me a Facebook friend request and we can discuss it from there.